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Auto Mechanic

Strathmore Car Care is committed to ensuring the safety of all our customers and extending the life of their vehicles.
Our team adheres to the highest industry standards for mechanic repairs and customer service. Call now for details.

Call today on (03) 9000 0804 to be back on the road in a sparkling vehicle!

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Services

We offer the most comprehensive list of car services in the region.

Low Prices

Enjoy top-quality services at unbelievably affordable prices.

Years of Experience

All our mechanics have many years of high-level experience.

Friendly Staff

Nothing is ever too much trouble for us.

A Complete Range of Car Repairs

Visit Strathmore Car Care today to experience our top-quality services and impressive level of customer satisfaction.

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Reliable Car Mechanics

There’s nothing quite as scary as simply being on the road going about your day, when something abruptly goes wrong with your vehicle.

Whether it’s something as innocuous as an emergency light flashing on the dashboard, or more serious like your brakes failing to respond in time, we can assist!

Our highly experienced staff will go over your vehicle with a fine-toothed comb to identify the issues. Once these have been located, our many years of experience will allow us to provide you with concrete solutions.

Strathmore Car Care offers full-service repairs and diagnostics, working hard to provide with the highest quality mechanic services available. Call now for details.

We offer concrete mechanical solutions


Let’s get you back on the road